Alibaba and Suning Grab Stakes in 华泰 Securities Amidst 金融科技 Push by China’s Brokerages



华泰 Securities announced last week that it had completed a private placement of 1.089 billion shares with an issuance price of 13.05 yuan per share, to raise approximately 14.208 billion yuan in capital.

The private placement has lifted 华泰’净资本648.65亿元,位居中国第四’s brokerage sector.

Following the private placement Alibaba and Suning Commerce Group have also emerged as the sixth and seventh biggest shareholders respectively in 华泰 Securities.

华泰 hopes that Alibaba and Suning will help to improve the company’发挥金融科技的能力,并以战略投资者的身份扩大零售客户群。

A 华泰 executive said to 中国证券报 阿里巴巴将帮助该公司加快在金融科技领域的努力,积极创建一个开放的金融服务生态系统,并维持并扩大其在券商中的领先优势。

作为中国’s leading “smart retailer,” Suning will help 华泰 Securities with its sales and services to retail customers, as well as sales of financial products, asset management operations and asset securitisation operations.

Since 2013 华泰 has used its online platform and cost advantages to become China’领先的零售经纪业务。

华泰’鉴于阿里巴巴的新战略投资者安排,该战略汇集了广阔的潜在客户群’s Ant Financial – the world’是最大的金融科技公司,拥有6.22亿客户,而苏宁在中国拥有3.45亿注册客户以及大约3,800个网点。

Analysts say that Alibaba will help 华泰 to consolidate its fintech advantages and improve its wealth management operations, foreseeing cooperation in the two key areas of technology and products and services.

关于技术,阿里巴巴’s big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities will help to strengthen 华泰’在经纪行业的优势。

华泰 is also expected to engage in greater cooperation with Ant Financial in the sphere of wealth management.