Central State-owned Enterprises Set to Fall to 99 Following 中国 Poly Group Merger


中国数’s central state-owned 企业 will further contract following approval of a merger between 中国 Poly Group, Sinolight Corporation and 中国 National Arts and Craft Group.

中国’国有资产监督管理委员会(SASAC)宣布,国务院已批准中国保利集团’s acquisition of Sinolight and 中国 National Arts and Craft, with the latter two set to become wholly invested subsidiaries of the former.

根据国资委’s official website Sinolight and 中国 National Arts and Craft will no longer be 企业 that it directly administers following the 中国 Poly Group acquisition, shrinking the number of central SOE’s to 99 from 101.


中国 Poly Group, which was previously the arms selling branch of the People’解放军是参与正在进行的审判改革的八家国有投资公司之一。

Earlier this year in March, Shenzhen-listed Sinolight-subsidiary 中国 Haisum Engineering announced that it would transfer Sinolight’s assets to Poly at “no cost,”在两个中央国有企业之间执行框架协议’s on 20 March.

根据彭华刚(彭华岗), “试点企业的一项重要工作任务是推进相关行业和企业的重组和整合…提高国有资本配置效率。”

上海证券报 报告称,当前的合并将是“基于市场的合并,” and that 中国 Poly Group’的国际销售网络将为Sinolight提供帮助’的交易业务。

在国务院于2008年底批准中央国有企业三方合并后,光华国际成立’s –最初是华光集团,中国海森国际工程投资公司和中国轻工对外经济技术合作公司。

北京公司’s primary operations include the development, manufacture and sale of light industry equipment and raw materials both in 中国 and abroad, as well as general engineering contracting and technical services.

中国 通过两家中央国有企业的合并,于2007年2月成立了国家工艺美术学院’s – 中国 Arts and Crafts Import & Export General Company and the original 中国 National Arts and Craft, with its business scope encompassing textiles, jewellery, special crafts and daily use goods.

Founded in 1999, 中国 Poly Group is a conglomerate encompassing an eclectic miscellany of sectors, including defence manufacturing, international trade, real estate and fine arts.

根据一个 纽约时报 文章公司就是世界’是仅次于苏富比的第三大艺术品拍卖行’s and Christie’s.